Crusader’s Port Elizabeth Rugby Club

The 3rd oldest and most respected Rugby club in South Africa

Our club and Crusaders have boldly led and set the pace for South African rugby, since 1887.






Preserving Rugby History

Over 100 years of discipline, dedication, and a love for Rugby…

The PE Crusader Sports Club, situated in the historical St George’s Park in Port

Elizabeth, South Africa, is one of the oldest amateur sport clubs in South Africa. Popularly known as Crusaders, often abbreviated to ‘Saders’, the club still holds its name proud to this day. Founded in 1843 as, the Port Elizabeth Cricket Club, it was later expanded to incorporate Crusader Rugby Club in 1887, with other sporting codes following thereafter. Former presidents and committee members helped to build an institution of which all members of the club, our city, our province and our country can be proud. They contributed in no small manner to the magnificent achievements of the thousands of players who have worn this club’s colours. The players, of course, are the ones who built this legacy, the tradition and the reputation that have made the Crusader club famous in many countries.


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